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Model: SPK-11000

DBK P/N: YD-MP-11000-00

Color: Black

1. 5 USB output wiht different output current,special for Ipad,Samsung and ohter mobile device
2. 5 LEDs indicates the Cap
3. Press the Power button to display the cap,and the USB output is actived
4. Charging indicate:LEDs display as horse-race lamp; and LEDs will turn on when it is full charged.when it is charged,it could charge for ohter device

5.load auto detected,if no load,USB output will be shutdown after 30S,or press the power button with 3S,the USB output will be shutdown

6.Protect function with OVP,ODP,OCP

1. Battery Type: Li-Polymer 3558120PL battery

2. Capacity: 11000mAh
3. Input: DC 9-12V/ 1A;Micro USB 5V/1A
4. Output: 2*USB 5V 1000mA
5*USB 5V/2.5A(Max) USB1: SAMSUNG 5V/1.3A(Max);USB2: Ipad 5V/2.1A(Max);USB3/4: Ipad Iphone 5V/1A(Max);USB5: 5V/0.5A(Max)

5. Dimension:130.6*80*20mm
6. Weight:305g

Fits for:
Mobile phone,MP3/MP4,PSP,NDS,ipod,iphone,ipad

Standard Accessories:

1)Adapter(9V/1A 12V/1A with DC Plug:5.5*2.1mm)ADP-DS12010WM30

2)1 USB spring cable with Micro USB connector

Optional Accessories:
10 PCS mobile phone connectors




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