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Model: SPK-4000

DBK P/N: YD-MP-4000-00

Color: Black,White,Pink

13 LEDs indicates the power
2Press the Button to show the power

3Press the button for 1 seconds to active or shutdown USB output
4Charging indication:LEDs display as house-race light,and leds will indicate all the light when it is full charged

1. Battery Type: Li-polymer 606168PL battery
2. Capacity: 5000mAh
3. Input:Micro USB 5V/1000mAh
4. Output: USB (x2) 5V 2000mA

7.With Blister Packing

Fits for:
Mobile phone,MP3/MP4,PSP,NDS,ipod,iphone,ipad

Standard Accessories:

1)USB spring cable

2)1 PCS Micro USB connector

Optional Accessories:
1)10 PCS Mobile Phone connectors




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